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Spanish Grapes

The regenerative lifestyle

Robiza rosé wine is the reflection of a stunning manifestation of nature, the sunset. Enjoy its purest essence in every sip. Exquisite paletes and fun hunters of this unbeatable paradise welcome to the new era of sensations. Join the regenerative revolution, having a positive impact at your mental wellness, mother earth and for those who value quality over quantity.

Soak up some sun, reconnect with your loved ones and feel the Es Vedrà magnetism tasting Robiza. This semi-sparkling rosé inspires yourself to run the world!

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One of a kind

Sauvignon Blanc Rosé

Robiza is innovative and exclusive, being the finest sauvignon blanc tempranillo rosé wine. Made with more than 90% of Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 8% tempranillo vineyards with an average age of 20 y/o, they are grown in calcareous and clayey soils, where we look for the highest areas to obtain an ideal acidity.

Robiza is a vegan wine, fined using pea and potato protein rather than animal derivatives. Eco-friendly and plastic free, Robiza joins the new generation of conscious brands that put the planet first. 

Light and blush pink with high aromatic intensity bring memories of flowers and tropical fruits with some hints of strawberry. Very balanced between fruit and acidity, Robiza is the perfect partner for all kinds of seafood, fish, paella, sushi, pasta, and appetizers.

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Curious and globetrotters, Carmen and Gerard find in Ibiza a special spot where to inspire themselves and relax. Its sensitivity goes beyond delivering lavish experiences fully detailed. With a philosophy of caring about the environment, they aim to treat Robiza in a limited edition, offering a sustainable production.

Carmen, with a wide international experience in luxury hotel branding and private aviation in companies like Bvlgari Resort Dubai, embodies its identity in the brand's values. She wishes to convey through Robiza the experiences of the Mediterranean from an inspiring and emotional prism.

Gerard, an entrepreneur within the spirit industry brings almost over a decade of Ibiza’s background and knows precisely the market trends. He reflects its knowledge through a sophisticated bottle, offering an eco-luxury concept demanded by its customers.

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Where to enjoy Robiza

Relish Robiza at the coolest and conscious venues over the island, online shipping across EU countries and enjoy delivery service 24 hours at @drinkhomeibiza.



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