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Robiza team

Carmen and Gerard, curious and globetrotters, found in Ibiza a special place to relax and be inspired. Born in Barcelona, they have a wide professional career in Ibiza and Dubai working for VIP clients, who were involved from the beginning with their exquisite tastes as a reference to create the Robiza brand.

Carmen, with a wide international experience in luxury hotel branding and private aviation in companies like Bvlgari Resort Dubai, embodies its identity in the brand’s values. She wishes to convey through Robiza the mindful lifestyle of Ibiza to promote inspiration and mental health.

Gerard, an entrepreneur within the spirit industry brings almost over a decade of Ibiza’s background and knows precisely the market trends. He reflects its knowledge through a sophisticated bottle, offering an eco-luxury concept demanded by its customers.

This project is made with love and arises from the emotional leverage of 2020. Robiza, “a glass of inspiration”, is part of your transformation towards a more conscious life.

"We feel the need to go back to the origins, stop and give value to what is important, quality over quantity in all aspects."

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