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Get to know Robiza more deeply; our history, our commitment, and what sets us apart, through a series of questions that will uncover the true essence of Robiza.

First rosé wine made with Suvignon Blanc and Tempranillo from Europe.

How did this discovery come about?

We discovered in Germany that New Zealand’s Rosé Sauvignon Blanc was gaining ground, a challenge not addressed in European wine regions. Upon returning to our winery, we found that our vineyards at 800 meters of altitude were ideal for this kind of wine. After two years of work, combining it with Syrah and Tempranillo, we achieved a pale rosé with golden undertones.

Why Jumilla? Why Bodegas Alceño?

Bodegas Alceño is a winery with a historical tradition, composed of a young and dynamic team with an open mindset for new projects like Robiza – wines with a narrative of personal growth and a fundamental focus on sustainability: environmental responsibility and health.

Also, Jumilla is gaining reputation thanks to the praise from international critics.


Why is Robiza’s commitment to nature?

Wine is fundamentally a product obtained from the land, from nature. We wanted to pay tribute to it in our Robiza designs.

  • Nature is vital for health, and we advocate a regenerative lifestyle.
  • We inspire personal growth, prioritizing quality over quantity with a “glass of inspiration”.
  • May it evoke special moments at sunset, on a beach, or under a moonlit sky in your home or city.
  • We are a conscious brand: vegan, eco-friendly, low histamine, and free of plastics or added sugar.

About histamine and the “no hangover.” What is the minimum level you use in your wines?

We craft using the short maceration method, which lowers histamine levels and, consequently, reduces headaches.

Robiza Sun and Sea have less than 1 ml/Liter of histamine, while Robiza Moon ranges between 2.5-3 ml/Liter for higher polyphenol concentration. 

The winery aims to further decrease this histamine level.

Although the aesthetics and sales locations suggest a luxurious and expensive product, surprisingly, the prices are affordable.

We believe in the concept of “affordable luxury” and inclusivity by offering our wines to the end consumer at a fantastic value on our website.

At Robiza, we want to share everything about our wines and ourselves with you!

We learn every day to improve and provide the best quality for a unique experience.


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