The secrets of wine to improve your BEAUTY

Today we are going to discover how two worlds merge, wine and beauty. We will not talk about the potential health benefits of a glass of wine to our body, but how grapes and wine we can take advantage of and use in our beauty routine.

Wine therapies are offered in luxury spas around the world for more than 25 years, but are still unknown to many of us. 

It’s said that wine it’s the nectar of the Gods and the liquid of social celebration. The tradition of wine beauty comes from ancient Rome and various kingdoms where women used wine dregs as makeup to color their cheeks or Monarch Mary Queen of Scots enjoyed taking baths in white wine either as a means of whitening her body or pain relief. The perfect moment to meditate and relax your mind. 

Currently, we find wine baths in luxury spas and skincare products made by grapes properties. The lead of this innovation was taken by a french couple who opened the first wine spa in Bordeaux in 1999, with its own beauty product Caudaline. The benefits of vinotherapy come from polyphenols in the grapes, particularly resveratrol which has a powerful anti-aging reputation

Let’s find our WINE spa’s in Europe that we must try once in life!

Aire Ancient bath Barcelona to experience tranquility and enchantment while you get a wine therapy detox from all the stress.

Belmond Castello di Casole in Tuscany, is a luxury hotel surrounded by nature. You’ll enjoy a grape body scrub before bathing in a bold red and snacking on some grapes

Loisium hotel in Austria, is a Spa Resort and wine center surrounded by vineyards whose harvest is used in the kitchen as well as in the Aveda wellness center. 

Can you imagine enjoying a glass of wine while taking care of yourself with vinotherapy? Yes, is definitely possible!!

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