Robiza in the top press and media.

This week, the brand is immersed in an exciting adventure, hosting two major events where wine is the perfect companion, bringing its vinicultural elegance to new horizons.

On one hand, on Monday, November 20th, the Robiza team hosted a meal at Zuma, one of the coolest venues in Madrid, to officially introduce the brand to some Spanish media. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy a sophisticated menu paired with Robiza wines.

On this occasion, we had the honor of inviting amazing people from prominent media outlets such as Hola magazine, Elle Gourmet, Clara, Traveler, the Repsol guide, El Español, ABC, Directo al Paladar, and many more.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, November 21st, we had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd edition of the Luxury Spain Xmas Market, a private event focused on the presentation and tasting of the attending luxury brands.

The event was presided over by H.R.H. Princess Béatrice d’Orléans and featured Luxury Spain brands from various sectors with “Luxury Spain Gourmet,” “Luxury Spain Beauty,” “Luxury Spain Fashion,” and “Luxury Spain Lifestyle” quality seals.

Robiza showcased its wines at this event, aiming to surprise attendees with the delicacy and elegance on the palate.

In both experiences, Robiza not only presented exceptional wines but also shared the importance of telling stories through each bottle.

This intense and exciting week demonstrates that Robiza is not just about wines; it creates experiences. Every drop of its wines tells a part of the brand’s fascinating story, and we are thrilled to continue exploring this exceptional wine journey.

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