ROBIZA who we are and where we are going

Our wines go far beyond a good wine, ROBIZA is an experience, when you can connect the best of everything, it is when you really have something that can change the rules in an experience.
ROBIZA combines the tradition of a winery in the province of Jumilla, Murcia with more than 150 years of history with sustainability and commitment to a better world.
ROBIZA is an eco-luxury wine with a unique concept where each bottle of wine represents the most magical manifestations of nature, the sun, the sea, and the moon reflected in our three categories of wine, all in a unique enclave, the magic island of Ibiza and its Mediterranean style.
The sun, the strength, and the good times that occur around it are transmitted in our rosé wine, it is also ideal to enjoy it with an aperitif during sunset where both colors come together in the bottle, the sea with its reflection in the white wine, which transports us directly to a white beach with crystal clear sea and the red symbolizes the moon and the magic of the night.
It is a wine to return to its origins, to enjoy what really matters, we prioritize mental well-being, helping to reconnect with the power of nature reflected in our wines.
It is an ecological, vegan collection, with production without plastics, and in addition, they are committed to the preservation and protection of Posidonia, the most precious treasure of the Mediterranean, the place on which the philosophy and lifestyle of ROBIZA are based. Because the force of nature has always been the authentic luxury, and that is what we have wanted to convey in our wines.

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