Welcome to ROBIZA WINE NFT world!

The first luxury wine token in Europe. Designed to improve your lifestyle. Feel union, fun, and reconnection to magic nature.

The team and the community are known for their ambition to work towards innovation, tech, and wellness, and make a strong club of like-minded people.

But what is an NFT?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means it can neither be replaced nor interchanged because it has unique properties. Sadly they could be considered the latest trend that will pass, but we are proud to see bad projects being punished while good and serious projects arise. We embrace technology to support artists showing their art publicly besides creating value for our final customer.

How do you provide value with Robiza wine NFT?

We want to offer more than just a beautiful digital image. We aim to provide a solution with our NFT collections. Nowadays it makes it more difficult to find like-minded people with common interests and lifestyles. That’s why owning one of our NFT pieces opens the door immediately to a wide range of benefits, a high-end community, and earning possibilities. All in an unparallel landscape, the white island of Ibiza.

What represents every NFT collection?

Called “FAUNA DRINKS WINE”, we created 3 limited edition collections with a total of 3.000 NFTs. The mission is to reconnect our essence to nature. Each of them represents typical endangered animals of the Pitiusas islands, designed diving into a Robiza wine bottle. The 1st collection, SEA comprised of 1.200 NFT is a sea-horse within the ecosystem of ROBIZA SEA bottles and white wine.

The 2nd collection, SUN comprised of 1.000 NFT is a salamander within the  ROBIZA SUN bottle, rosé wine.

The 3rd collection, MOON comprised of 800 NFT is a hedgehog inside of the magic ROBIZA MOON bottle, red wine.

What advantages can we benefit from if we are a holder?

Depending on the collection you are awarded different advantages. The list is long if you belong to the MOON collection. From an invitation to an annual event in Ibiza held in a luxury villa with an expert speaker of decentralized solutions, wellness, and luxury industry, discounts in villas, yachts bookings, drinks delivery, and Robiza wine bottles, to the complimentary entrance in great night clubs, among other amazing perks.

Be part of the project and participate in the long-term goals

15% of NFT profits will be invested in the project to offer the most cutting-edge technology for the NFT owner. Our wine shop in the metaverse, purchases are available online with crypto, Robiza Wine Token as a payment currency in Robiza Friends Restaurants, among other great initiatives.

What is our CSR commitment to this project?

One of our purpose to launch the project is to the importance of nature and fauna preservation. We donate 5% of every NFT sale to Ibiza Preservation who share our passion to preserve Ibiza and Formentera nature. We unite efforts to protect the Posidonia meadows and act against plastics with the project “Plastic-free Ibiza and Formentera”

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