an exclusive wine with an inclusive heart

Conscious Design


Robiza’s design is inspired by its nature and its serenity.

Robiza joins the new generation of conscious brands that put the planet first.

With the idea of ​​creating a boho style “eco-luxury” project, Robiza’s experience is sustainable, being an organic, vegan wine with artisan production plastic-free. The wine is fine using pea and potato protein rather than animal derivatives and in order to reflect the sun, sea and moon, it is used an organic paint with no cadmium and lead. The wines do not contain added sugars, the vines are healthy without chemical alteration and the level of histamine is practically non-existent, thus reducing headaches afterward. Gerard and Carmen want you to celebrate life from a conscious perspective, drinking healthier and quality wine, sustainable vines, and using native yeast that gives it authenticity.
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