Why do we usually drink more red wine in winter?

It is ideal to taste with seasonal dishes. In the winter months, we usually eat more forceful dishes. Red wine pairs better with this type of dish, such as meat.
If you are vegetarian or vegan, we also offer you alternative recipes with high protein content and low calories. Tofu, seitan, mushrooms, and textured soybeans are the most popular vegetable meats in recent times. Heura is another viable option, looking and tasting very similar to chicken and beef.
Long-term storage You can store red wine in your cellar for a long time, waiting to be tasted on a special occasion, while young white wine is best consumed right after purchase.
It allows the release of endorphins from our body that are so necessary for the cold months. Red wine gives us a feeling of relaxation and happiness, and it is more than useful on cold and gray winter days.
Relieves the physical fatigue so typical of the winter months. Cold days often make us feel tired, red wine has polyphenols that help our cardiovascular system to feel more relaxed.

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